Do you have to use a slalom course?

  • If you select FREE SKI MODE, you do not need a slalom course to use the COMPETE app.

  • The app will digitize your free ski pass and allow you to choose your six best turns to receive a score and world ranking.

Do you have to use a phone mount?

  • You DO NOT need a phone mount to use COMPETE. 

  • To use the COMPETE app without a phone mount, select FREE SKI or HAND HELD mode. 

  • If you are not using a phone mount, the person filming needs to ensure the skier in the bullseye during recording.

Do I need to give my line length?

  • Yes, a line length is required to compete in slalom skiing.

  • If you don’t know the length of the rope, you can use the color coded shortenings.

  • Note: A standard line length is 75 feet.

Do I have to enter my boat speed?

  • In FREE SKI MODE, you will not need to enter a speed.

  • When competing in a slalom course with or without a phone mount, you will need to provide a boat speed.

  • Boat speeds are available in the drop down menu in 2 MPH increments (with an option to switch to KPH).