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COMPETE University, Part 3: Network in the Ski Community

With the announcement of the NCWSA Spring Video Contest, Social DistanSKI, we couldn’t think of a better time to show just how COMPETE plans to enhance the already amazing collegiate skiing experience. Be sure to check back each week through the contest to learn more about our plans to support and foster growth within this group of skiers!

ASU Water Ski Team

Third: Network with the ski community through, and after, college!

For many collegiate skiers, they may not have known that tournament skiing existed before showing up to their school’s involvement fair. Though people may have grown up boating, free skiing, or wake boarding on a large lake with friends, the idea of a 2000 foot ditch with 26 buoys and a ski boat seems strange. Little did they know know just how much that ski ditch will mean to them when they go home to their big lake for the summer, or after graduation.

With approximately 500 collegiate men’s water skiers throughout the US, there are only around 100 registered AWSA Men’s 1 skiers, and of the approximate 400 women’s collegiate skiers, there are less than 100 registered AWSA Women’s 1 skiers. So where do all the college skiers go? The waterski community is one of the most inclusive and amazing groups to become a part of, but how do you stay connected when you leave campus? One goal for COMPETE is to not just introduce virtual competition, but to also continue to grow waterskiing by connecting skiers in person as well. Imagine, not only a platform where you can challenge friends to ski against each other from all over the world, but also one where you could network with skiers in a certain area. With this location feature, skiers will be able to create or join a team comprised of other skiers in their area and develop lasting ski partnerships. In a sport that has been on the decline, it can be hard to find boat drivers, spotters and anyone enthusiastic to learn. The COMPETE app hopes to help unite people in need of partners, while welcoming collegiate skiers into the world of competitive skiing outside of their university.

In addition to connecting competitive skiers, COMPETE also hopes to connect skiers and boaters of all levels, shapes, ages, and sizes. Using the same location feature that could help tournament skiers connect, one could make a team for the large lake in which they grew up. Imagine, getting to the dock one day on a 14 mile lake, ready to ski. Unfortunately, it seems totally blown out. Before throwing in the towel for the day a message comes through in the COMPETE app that the water is perfect on the south end of the lake, and there will be a virtual tournament held at 12:30pm. All of the sudden, as 12:30 rolls around 15 boats come cruising into the cove ready to ski, and compete!

Though the COMPETE app is sure to revolutionize the way we compete, the number one goal is to promote growth in the sport of waterskiing by allowing skiers to improve, learn, and excel in their sport by creating a network of passionate people. If you missed our first two weeks of collegiate enhancement, head to our blog home to read all about it. Plus, don’t forget to follow us on our social media for updates on the video contest!

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