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COMPETE University, Part 2: Helping collegiate skiers COMPETE forever

With the announcement of the NCWSA Spring Video Contest, Social DistanSKI, we couldn’t think of a better time to show just how COMPETE plans to enhance the already amazing collegiate skiing experience. Be sure to check back each week through the contest to learn more about our plans to support and foster growth within this group of skiers!

Arizona State Water Ski Team

Second: Ski for your college/university all year round, or for the rest of your life!

One thing that is true about college skiing is that we never want it to end. Whether that end comes at the end of a season after conferences, after nationals, or after graduation, the end is always sad. What if there was a way to capture the excitement of collegiate skiing indefinitely?

With the COMPETE Water Ski App, we are developing “Team Mode” so there are endless ways to compete with, and against, people from your college or university! For those schools that practice in the springtime, but maybe do not have the time to drive to a tournament, you can turn every practice into an intercollegiate competition. Simply build a team for your university and challenge another school to a virtual tournament from the comfort of your own lake. With this mode, all of your skiers do not have to be in the same location either, so the competition doesn’t have to end when your skiers go home for the summer. Challenge other schools from all different ski sites across the world, and find out who wins when the virtual leaderboard populates the results from everyone’s home site.

For those that are no longer in school, but miss the collegiate ski world like crazy, COMPETE could also be the way to determine which ski class truly was the best. Also in team mode, we hope to see the first virtual alumni ski tournament very soon! If everyone from agraduating class was to download the app and create a team, they could once again compete with and against their friends without having to make a trip to anywhere. The Class of ’89 could face ’94, ’12, ’18, etc. and by the end of the tournament, they could finally determine which ski class was truly the best to come out of their college or university.

With all these new ways to stay active on your team and university throughout the year, COMPETE hopes to keep skiers excited and improving. Regardless of going home for the summer, COMPETE is creating a way to turn ordinary days on the lake into a friendly competition against other schools or even teammates. With this, skiers will be even more ready by the time tournament season comes around in the fall!

If you missed our first week of collegiate enhancement, head to our blog home to read all about it and be sure to check back next week for another way COMPETE plans to enhance collegiate skiing. Plus, don’t forget to follow us on our social media for updates on the video contest!

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