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COMPETE University: How the COMPETE app will enhance your collegiate skiing experience

With the announcement of the NCWSA Spring Video Contest, Social DistanSKI, we couldn’t think of a better time to show just how COMPETE plans to enhance the already amazing collegiate skiing experience! Be sure to check back each week through the contest to learn more about our plans to support and foster growth within this group of skiers!

First: Grow the competitive environment at your university!

Ohio University, Pleasant Shores 2017

At the very most, a college ski team can take 30 competitors to a tournament, 15 men and 15 women, and that is only if a single athlete were not to ski in more than one event. Thirty people out of an entire university is a very small group. Of course there is always the B team, or those that are only able to practice and come support their friends at tournaments as fans, not competitors. In a school of 20,000 students, it is unlikely that only the 30 students on the team enjoy waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, or other fun sports behind a boat in the summer.

How can you truly grow your club and entice the non-tournament skiers to join in the fun long term? Easy, turn them all into competitors for your University!

With the COMPETE Waterskiing App, we are building a way that collegiate teams can grow through virtual competitions. By building a platform that caters not only to competitive skiers, but that bridges the gap between recreational boating and competition, universities will have the opportunity to engage a wider range of students and drive enthusiasm around water sports. In team mode, universities will have the option to create teams for their school. While the obvious thing to do is create a team for the tournament skiers, the less obvious benefit is to create a team for anyone and everyone that loves water sports and goes boating with their family in the summer.

In the COMPETE App, participants will be able to receive points for every second that they are on top of the water, regardless of being in a course, or what they are riding under their feet. With this, any skier, kneeboarder, wake boarder, skater, surfer or even tuber could be competing for your University whenever they get a chance to be on the water. Tournament skiers away for the weekend? No problem, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the ski club can’t be participating in a league of their own.

The COMPETE WaterSkiing App 1.0 is being developed for slalom skiing first. However, we are actively working on an AI solution that will let us score any water sport pulled behind a boat. We will be able to track spins, flips, acceleration, speed and even ski jump distances. COMPETE will be tracking the advanced motion of anyone one water. We expect the app to be able to be the judge and future coach for water sports. By capturing the participation of all water enthusiasts at your school, the club could grow exponentially… driving more participation, fundraising, and most importantly, excitement and fun!

Another huge benefit that leads to team growth is grassroots development. There are so many free skiers that come to college with huge potential but have never seen a slalom course. Though some universities are fortunate enough to have a coach, some are not so fortunate. Even with a coach, there are a lot of skiers, and unfortunately the youngest, freshest skier may not get as much attention as necessary. Not to mention, summer time when everyone is back at home, a newer skier may find it hard to continuously improve. With these thoughts in mind, COMPETE will be equipped with a “Virtual Coach” mode, in which skiers can record their performance and a top-level athlete will come on line for a virtual coaching session in real time! While traveling to a ski school may be very expensive and time consuming, this would be a great way to help skiers access professional level coaching any time of the year!

With the COMPETE Waterskiing app we hope to build a bridge that encourages some of the 3.6 million recreational skiers to join in the fun we all experience as competitive skiers, starting with virtual university teams and virtual competitions. Wouldn’t it be great to share the Collegiate Ski experience with thousands rather than just a few?

Be sure to check back next week for another way COMPETE plans to enhance collegiate skiing, and follow us on our social media for updates on the video contest!

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