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COMPETE is a ground-breaking mobile application designed by athletes for athletes.

Our app allows players of all shapes and sizes across a multitude of sports to document their performance with their smartphone, receive a digital score, and compete with other players, like Freddy Krueger, in real-time. 

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"Why do we fall down? So we can learn to get up."

8x World Record Holder • 5x World Champion • 12x Ski Fly World Record Holder


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About COMPETE Athlete, Freddy Krueger


  • 8x World Record Holder 

  • 5x World Champion 

  • 12x Ski Fly World Record Holder

  • 13x US Masters Champion

  • 15x Night Jump World Record 

  • 130x Professional Wins

  • 6x Moomba Night Jump Champion

  • 8x Moomba Day Champion

  • 1x Moomba Wakeboard Champion