COMPETE is poised to completely disrupt the sports tech industry by enabling athletes like you to:

  • Record yourself using your smartphone or smart watch while you enjoy your favorite sport to get a digital score 

  • Receive a world ranking for your performance


  • Chat with a professional coach in real-time

  • Build your own team made up of friends, family or colleagues

  • Compete against other players or teams in real-time, so every practice session feels like a competition

  • Build a sports social network so you always have someone to play with


Created For Athletes, By Athletes 

The steps are simple! 

STEP 1) Create your COMPETE profile

Step 2) Choose a sport and tap the play button


Step 3) Choose a mode (single player, team, or competition mode) ​

STEP 4) Calibrate the camera and record the athlete's performance

Step 5) Watch as the phone digitizes the performance and gives you a score

Use your score to:

  • Compete against other players

  • Participate in leaderboards

  • Get professional coaching

Currently live in the sport of slalom water skiing, the app allows players of all levels to compete... if you don't have a slalom course, you can select your 6 best turns and COMPETE will put your digitized path into a virtual course. Anyone, on any lake, can improve their skiing and compete without a course!